Your Empowered Neurodivergent Revolution

Being neurodivergent means that your brain is one of a kind. Your coaching experience should be, too! Go from simply surviving to absolutely THRIVING! Welcome to the revolution.

You have finally found where you belong.

Have you ever felt out of place in typical coaching programmes? There's a reason!

You no longer have to try to fit your fabulous star peg self into a typical square box. You have had a lifetime of feeling like you have to work so hard to do things the typical way. It just didn't make sense! Guess what, it didn't make sense for you.

It's time to learn how YOUR brain works. Understand the traits that make you a star. Learn how to put in place interventions that are SO NOT TYPICAL to help you thrive.

Who is this Gwendolyn Jones person?

I'll tell you this much, Gwen is not your typical coach, mentor or therapist.

I help people reach their potential as neurodivergent superstar by working with individuals, partners and parents to better understand how a so not typical brain thrives!

As an ADHD woman, I've taken a curvy path along my journey. You can find out more about me here.


Neurodivergent affirmative practices mean we work the way that works best for you.

My so not typical life's work has been to bring awareness and understanding about the neurodivergent experience.

When you work with me as a coach, you get a completely unique experience.  As a pluralist, I believe that the tools and approaches a client needs should be tailored to them.  Stuck in a Drama Triangle?  Let’s use some Transactional Analysis.  Too much in your head?  Let’s take it to the body with some Somatics.  Overwhelmed by floods of Cortisol?  Let’s use some Neuro-Science and Positive Psychology. All of these approaches work for the neurodivergent mind as long as they are tailored to the person who needs to benefit from them.

The main values I bring to the coaching experience are






These impact your process as we go on your adventure together.  We hold healthy boundaries and space for what comes up without judgement or expectation and with a belief that we end up with a positive outcome.

How I can help you

So Not Typical Me

Has traditional coaching let you down due to cookie cutter tactics?nnWhether you are undiagnosed, new to diagnosis or further along the path, you deserve support. Let's find out what nerodivergence means for you.

So Not Typical Parenting

Are you the parent of a neurodivergent child or a neurodivergent parent? Let's talk so not typical strategies that will build your bond as a family.

So Not Typical Partners

Do you have a neurodivergent partner? Are you trying to help your partner understand you? It starts here with so not typical communication skills.

Gwen manages a lightness of touch while calling BS, which is no easy task. Working with Gwen I’ve experienced the most radical of shifts and found myself questioning long-held beliefs that I thought were truths. I’ve literally unblocked lifelong held assumptions and found space for something new – Gwen’s somatic work is inspired. Provoking but with care, Gwen is someone who will hold you and challenge you at the same time. She brings both courage and wisdom to her sessions.


- Claire


It's so exciting to know what is ahead for you! It's time to start your so not typical adventure.

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