It's time to see how a neurodivergent life that is

So Not Typical

can thrive!


I meet you where you are. I see you.

Each session utilises a mixture of coaching, mentoring and education to revolutionise your transformation.

This is not your typical coaching. Sessions are for you and your needs, goals and growth. However, we work in a way that values your neurodiversity and accommodates your needs.  Together, we hold healthy boundaries and space for what comes up without judgement or expectation and with a belief that we end up with a positive outcome.

"So how do I work with you, Gwen?"

You have 3 options: Power Hours, 12 week programmes and organisation programmes. Check them out below.

So Not Typical Power Hour

Are you ready for your life to change in an hour?

Wrapping your head around how neurodivergence shows up in your life can feel like a MINEFIELD! In this hour, we will address your concerns and make a So Not Typical plan to help you move forward accommodated, supported and empowered. We will revolutionise your life!

Are you ready to start living your life? I'm ready to help. Let's do this! Click the button below. I can't wait to meet you.

How in the hell did we do that in an hour? I feel more supported in those 60 minutes than I have been my entire life. Gwen gets it.

- Stephanie

So Not Typical Coaching

This personalised 18 week programme is next level awesomeness.

This is an investment in your life. You finally have a coach who can work with you in a way that supports and values your so not typical brain. You don't have to fit into some pre-defined neurotypical framework. This is coaching that breaks the box people want you to fit into.

Working with Gwen is the game changer I needed. After being diagnosed Autistic and ADHD this year, I felt like I didn't know how to live my life. I now have se;f-acceptance, understanding of me as an AuDHD woman and all of the pieces I need to have a better life.

- Meghan

So Not Typical Workshops and Seminars

Transform your organisation into one that creates a sense of belonging for the Neurodiverse.

Gwen has been speaking in corporates, schools and charities for years. Her MSc in Occupational Psychology coupled with her lived experience as an ADHD woman with 4 neurodivergent children and a neurodivergent husband makes her uniquely qualified to be an agent of change making the world inclusive and equitable for all. Click the orange button to discuss how we can work together.

This was honestly the best seminar I've ever attended. Gwen was funny, engaging and full of information that I can start using right now. I left feeling hopeful and informed.

- Gavin, corporate seminar attendee

How I can help you

So Not Typical Me

Are you learning what it means for you to be neurodivergent and how it impacts your life? This is the place for you to explore an amazing land so not typical life experience.

So Not Typical parenting

Are you a parent of a neurodivergent child or a neurodivergent parent? Learn how to build a bond that lasts a lifetime whilst managing a parenting relationship that is so not typical.

So Not Typical Partners

Is neurodivergence part of your romantic relationship? Amazing! Spend time learning better ways to communicate with each other so you can enjoy loving someone in a way that is so not typical.


If you've come this far, I know you're ready. It's time. Let's do this. Choose your button below.

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